iWit Controller Advanced User Manual

Engineering Mode

iWit USB Controller can set any shortcut key, mouse action, even surface dial.


1. Open Notepad on Windows, MacOS Open Text Editing.

2. The input method is switched to English lowercase (remember), and the editing state of the mouse in the text is guaranteed, not Move to another place.

3. Unplug the controller cable. press and hold the controller knob without releasing your hand, then plug in the power, and after the controller light flashes, let go.

4. Pay attention to the text editing window, a dialog box will appear. If it is a c system, quickly take a shot The control knob is to enter the c system. If it is a Mac system, press and hold for more than 1 second The hand is to enter the ac system.

5. After entering the system, there will be 1-6 needs, which respectively represent the six lesson definition actions of the knob,

6. These 6 actions are all customized in one way. 1. Select the customized number of waist in 6 actions, then press the knob to enter the sub-category. There will be two options. The first one represents the function key combination of the computer keyboard. For example: shift + at etc. If your software hotkey has these combined commands. Just turn to that command, and then press OK.

7. After completing the selection of the key combination after the first one, enter the second eys. There are more than 160 keyboard and mouse input commands. If there is a hot key you need, select it and press the knob. Return to the subdirectory. Then press bac again. Go to the root directory and select the last item: just save it, and delete the text edit.


1. Note: Before customizing, you need to be familiar with the hotkey commands of the controlled software. For example, in r t s. The shortcut key to switch the mixing window is: c a d + equal sign. Then you can choose c a d in the subdirectory. Then return to ey and select the equal sign /




Key Code :
Keyboard keys
4~29 A~Z
30~39 1~9,0
40 Enter 41 Esc 42 Backspace
43 Tab 44 Space 45 Minus -
46 Equal = (SHIFT+Equal = +)
47 [ 48 ] 49 Backslash \
51 Semicolon ; 52 Quote ' 53 Tilde ~
54 Comma , 55 Period . 56 Slash /
57 CapsLock 58 ~ 69 F1 ~ F12
70 PrintScreen 71 ScrollLock 72 Pause/Break
73 Insert 74 Home 75 PageUp
76 Delete 77 End 78 PageDown
79 Right Key 80 Left Key 81 Down Key
82 Up Key 83 Small number NumLock 84 Small number Keypad Divide /
85 Small number Keypad Multiply * 86 Small number Keypad Subtract - 87 Small number Keypad Add +
88 Small number Keypad Enter 89 Small number Keypad 1 90 Small number Keypad 2
91 Small number Keypad 3 92 Small number Keypad 4 93 Small number Keypad 5
94 Small number Keypad 6 95 Small number Keypad 7 96 Small number Keypad 8
97 Small number Keypad 9 98 Small number Keypad 0 99 Small number Keypad .
Multimedia control keys
132 Record 133 Fast Forward 134 Rewind
135 Next Track 136 Previous Track 137 Stop
138 Play/Pause 139 Pause 140和3 Volume Mute
1 Volume up 2 Volume down 141 Volume up 2 times
142 Volume down 2 times 143 Screensaver 144 E-mail
145 Calculator 146 File Explorer 147 Browser Home
148 Browser Back 149 Browser Forward 150 Browser Refresh
151 Browser Bookmarks
Mouse actions
152 Mouse Wheel up 153 Mouse Wheel down 154 Mouse Click
155 Mouse Double-click 156 Mouse Right Click 157 Mouse Middle Click
158 Mouse Move Up 159 Mouse Move Down 160 Mouse Move Left
161 Mouse Move Right 162 Mouse Drag Up 163 Mouse Drag Down
164 Mouse Drag Left 165 Mouse Drag Right
Microsoft Surface Dial
What Surface Dial?A knob controller that only supports windows 10
You can google it for more information.

Surface Dial Rotate+5 set to Clockwise
Surface Dial Rotate-5 set to Counterclockwise
Surface Dial Click set to Press
Surface Dial Rotate+ set to Press+Clockwise
Surface Dial Rotate- set to Press+Counterclockwise
Surface Dial Press set to Long Press